New V12.NET Smart Reporting Increases Efficiency

Get the insights to run your business delivered on your schedule

From arrivals to departures and everything in between, reporting is a critical part of your business and should be as efficient as possible. We’re excited to announce that V12.NET Smart Reporting functionality is now available, saving your team significant time when running and scheduling reports. There are two key improvements to how you create reports today:

  1. Run Reports in the Background: You can now run reports in the background while you complete other tasks. You’ll receive a notification in V12.NET as soon as your report is ready.

  2. Schedule reports: There are some reports that you need daily or on a regular basis. New scheduled reporting lets you schedule common reports so they’re waiting for you in Administration > Background Jobs.

Running Reports in the Background

Some reports take a long time to complete, such as those with extended date ranges or with a substantial amount of data. Now, you can initiate the report, and then navigate throughout V12.NET to complete other tasks.

Running Reports in the Background.png


Scheduling Reports to Run Automatically

Do you pull the same reports every day, week or month? You can now schedule reports to run automatically, so they’re available when you need them. When scheduling reports, you can select daily, weekly, or monthly, such as First Monday of the Month, every Monday at 10 a.m., etc.

Scheduling Reports to Run Automatically.png

Who Can Use the New Tool

All users can run reports in the background and admin users can schedule reports. Users can view only those reports that their user group has permission to access.  

Admin users can also set up user group permissions for report viewing and downloading and users can view only those reports that their user group has permission to access. For example, the housekeeping team can view housekeeping reports and the accounting team can view accounting reports.

Ready to Try it Out?

Take the new functionality for a spin the next time you need to run a report. We’d love to hear your feedback in UserVoice and discover what you’d like to see next.

Want to Learn More Before Giving it a Go?

See more details in the knowledgebase: Running Reports in the Background