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V12® Customer Case Study: Pinnacle Port Vacation Rentals

Pinnacle Port Vacation Rentals Streamlines Operations and Increases Efficiency with V12.NET

Founded in 1974, Pinnacle Port Vacation Rentals is a 408-unit, 7-building beachfront condominium resort. As a homeowner association-run business, whose profits go back into the association, Pinnacle Port’s mission is to maximize income for their homeowners and provide excellent customer service, while offsetting homeowner association expenses.

Achieving results with V12.NET

Several years ago, Pinnacle Port sought to build a modern, efficient rental program with greater options and features, increase overall guest and owner satisfaction, and take their business to the next level. The implementation of V12.NET in late 2011 streamlined Pinnacle Port’s business operations, improved guest services, and armed them with greater financial accountability. The new software features helped them easily track and report on various aspects of their operations throughout the year, enabling them to maximize revenue.

Improving operations

Pinnacle Port’s business operated successfully on the First Resort (FRS) software system for many years. As their business grew and technology evolved, so did their business goals. Seeking to build more options into their rental program and take advantage of new technologies, Pinnacle Port wanted greater accounting, marketing, and guest data capabilities in their software. It was important for them to track their dollars more effectively, produce detailed reports for their owners and advisory board, and access guest history with greater ease, among other goals.

Choosing the right software

In early 2011, Pinnacle Port began a thorough analysis of its rental program, identifying various gaps and opportunities. They compared their operations with other similar properties to better evaluate their own business needs. After careful analysis of their unique challenges and future plans, they made the decision to adopt V12.NET as their new software. Staff training classes began months before implementation, and they coordinated closely with software and website support teams to ensure a smooth transition. V12.NET was officially implemented in September 2011. To ensure data integrity, Pinnacle Port treated the implementation as a new installallation, rather than a migration.

V12.NET: A perfect fit

With the implementation of V12, Pinnacle Port could monitor and track financial data more effectively, making it easy to control expenses and maximize revenue. Clearer, detailed financial reports boosted owner and advisory board confidence, thus reducing the number of phone calls to accounting staff. V12.NET’s marketing features provided greater visibility into the effectiveness of their marketing spend. V12.NET’s web-based system enabled Pinnacle Port’s staff to resolve after-hours guest issues remotely, increase last-minute and after-hours reservations, and convert inquiries to bookings faster. The addition of V12’s detailed guest functionality enabled staff to support guests more efficiently, thus enhancing guest services overall.

Pinnacle Port continues to leverage additional V12.NET features to achieve their business goals. They plan to implement the electronic payment option for owners this year, as well as the package module, which enables the creation of guest vacation packages.

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Gina Rutherford,

Rental Manager, Pinnacle Port Vacation Rentals

"I absolutely love V12. It has increased our efficiency and bottom line, and I can run my program from anywhere. Also, the training and support staff have been awesome and have given me superb customer service. I would absolutely recommend V12."

About Pinnacle Port


  • Build modern, efficient rental program
  • Enable detailed accounting and reporting
  • Increase guest and owner satisfaction


  • Conduct business analysis and identify needs
  • Research new software
  • Implement V12.NET web-based software


  • Operational efficiency increased
  • Bottom line increased as a result of enhanced ROI tracking features
  • Guest experience improved