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Escapia® Customer Case Study: Resort Properties

Getting results with the power of Escapia

Resort Properties Management manages three condominium resorts nestled in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. They specialize in luxury guest accommodations and designing great outdoor experiences. To stand out in the market and maximize occupancy and revenue, Resort Properties takes an aggressive approach in marketing, operations, rate management, and building strong customer relationships.

In the last few years, Resort Properties had grown increasingly frustrated with their software’s inability to serve their business goals. In June 2014, after a year of research, they switched to Escapia software. The results were immediate and impactful; in under 30 days, Resort Properties had the most successful June in its company history.

"I have felt for the past 2 years that our software was constantly working against us, I was constantly playing catch up and beat the clock. My old software did not make me money, it cost me money. I searched for over a year for the best fit for Resort Properties, and Escapia won. And in under 30 days it has helped us have the best June in company history and given me so much time to operate and market proactively, not reactively." - Joy Maples, Director of Operations & Marketing, Resort Properties Management

Feature-Based Comparisons

Feature Previous Software Escapia
Rate Table Creation “50 hours for one year of rates” “Two years in two hours, and now with rules, it’s almost effortless”
Daily Yield Management “One to two hours daily” “Escapia does it for me after I create the rules”
Marketing Campaigns “Very complicated, spent weeks pulling data together for campaigns and ROI tracking” “Everything is seamless. I’m done in under an hour, then watch the revenue roll in”
Lead Management “Non-existent, meaning we missed a lot of revenue opportunities” “Tracking and conversion tool at its best, no effort, one of the biggest selling points”
Front Desk Time Savings “Many functions done on paper, limited automation” “With so much automation, Escapia frees staff to be personable and focused on guests”
Re-targeting “I was limited in demographics, and had to develop a system outside of the software” “Instantly pick my target and schedule it for any time in the future, near or far”
Software Updates “When systems were down, issues were imminent when we regained access” “No downtime, meaning bookings are always creating revenue”
Customer Service and Support “I would wait days for something to be fixed, translating into heavy losses” “It’s instant. I see, I do, I finish”
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About Resort Properties Management, LLC


  • Take an aggressive approach to marketing
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Free up staff time to focus on guests


  • Research new software solution
  • Identify feature-rich software that’s easy to use
  • Switch to Escapia


  • Best June in company history one month after implementation
  • Online booking conversion increased by 50%
  • Huge efficiency gains across operations, marketing, and front desk