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Escapia® Customer Case Studies

Bender Realty Case Study

Bender Realty is an established rental management company in Gulf Shores, Alabama who has successfully managed properties in the Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and Fort Morgan areas for over twenty years. Bender Realty has a very experienced staff who felt they needed new business solutions to properly support them.

The Challenge

With a limited employee hiring pool in a highly seasonal market, reservation staffing was always a problem for them. Because of this, they decided to become more of a 'cyber' office where employees could work from anywhere - including home - whether it was on a full-time, part-time or overflow basis. Their belief was that this would eliminate the time and effort needed to 'staff up' each year for their peak season.

As for their web presence, the obsolescence of their DOS systems severely limited the ability for guests to do business with Bender Realty online. The old system was slow and cumbersome and online activity was dwindling because of it. With online travel search and shopping at an all-time high across the country, Bender Realty felt they were missing out on significant business opportunities because of their old system.

Key Challenges

  • Previous DOS based system was becoming cumbersome and unreliable
  • Seasonal staffing problems
  • Desire to become a 'cyber' office
  • Poor Web presence
  • Online activity dwindling
  • Missing out on online searchers and shoppers

The Solution

Bender Realty found Escapia to be the only system available that offered a true competitive edge over other offerings. They recognized that Escapia's web-based platforms offered tremendous 'breakout solutions' for their company, which led them to go with Escapia's Vacation Rental Suite and Escapia Web Portal products.

"It is a huge benefit to be with a company like Escapia that is really quick on their feet and way out there ahead of the competition in innovation and product enhancements.... Our owners even recognize that Escapia offers an impressive system, which reassures them that we are competitive and innovative. I am very excited to see what the future has in store with Escapia."
- Bill Bender, Owner, Bender Realty

Bender Realty Group

The Result

Escapia has enabled Bender Realty to become a virtual-style office where employees can work from home, or even from another state! With Escapia and an IP phone system, Bender Realty now has the flexibility to take reservations from anywhere at anytime. To help out during busy times, Bender has teamed up with an out-of-town travel agency and two out-of-state, part-time employees who solely manage overflow calls and book reservations on a per-reservation fee basis. Escapia has enabled Bender Realty to solve the problem of having limited employee hiring pools in the area.

Escapia has also built a Web Portal site for Bender Realty that is faster and easier to use than their previous site. Guests are now able to visit their website and book properties online, 24 hours a day. Online bookings are easy for guests to create, and also easy for reservationists to manage. Escapia Web Portal drives Bender Realty's reservation and search processes for them, in exactly the way Bender Realty wants it to happen.

Bender Realty and Escapia - a true success story!

Key Benefits

  • Ability to take reservations anytime, anywhere
  • No longer have to 'staff up' for peak season
  • Streamlined online reservations
  • More functional and intuitive website
  • Elimination of trouble and expense of managing servers and networks

"Our biggest benefits come from Escapia's Web Portal that drives reservations and accommodates the search process. This is what generates the revenue, and you have to have that first and foremost... We literally now have the capability to have reservations made anywhere in the world."
- Bill Bender, Owner, Bender Realty

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Bill Bender,

Owner, Bender Realty

"Escapia's web based platform has given us a level of flexibility unrealized in the past - not to mention the huge savings in time and money since we no longer have to manager our own servers and networks."

About Bender Realty

  • Gulf Shores, AL Vacation Rentals
  • More than 20 years experience


  • Upgrade from a DOS system
  • Gain an online presence
  • Make it easy for employees to work from anywhere.


  • Escapia offered a cutting edve solution
  • Web-based platform
  • Escapia offered a huge savings in time and money


  • Escapia has enabled Bender Realty to become a virtual-style office
  • The flexibility to take reservations from anywhere at anytime
  • Online bookings are easy for guests to create
  • Reservations are easy for reservationists to manage