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Escapia® Customer Case Studies

Atlantic Vacation Homes

Atlantic Vacation Homes is a property management firm that specializes in short-term, year-round, and vacation rentals and sales in Cape Ann, Massachusetts. With more than twenty years of experience servicing visitors and owners in the area, Atlantic Vacation Homes prides themselves on high standards from everything from their customer service to their business software.

The Challenge

Thanks to the internet, Atlantic Vacation Homes experienced dramatic growth, which resulted in them spending more and more time doing routine tasks like making listing sheets, creating owner statements, creating reports, etc. Errors with double data entry were common and a huge hassle. The company was also using multiple systems such as Quickbooks and Slotfinder to manage the various aspects of the business such as accounting and reservations. To make matters worse, Atlantic Vacation Homes learned that Slotfinder was at risk of going out of business.

Atlantic Vacation Homes sought a way to streamline all these activities so they could concentrate on servicing their clients, as well as procuring and managing more properties and growing the business. They also wanted to find a progressive company with a system that they could use permanently.

Key Challenges

  • Previous software package was outdated and unstable
  • Could not keep up with fast growth caused by the internet
  • Managing increased number of properties was too time-consuming
  • Needed software that was easy to learn and implement
  • Uploading property images to the website was a long process
  • Processing homeowner statements was too lengthy
  • No CRM system

"We needed a solution that would offer a smooth transition from our previous software. The Escapia team worked with us to ensure we didn't miss a step - we're never going to change!"
- Carole Sharoff, Atlantic Vacation Homes

The Solution

After having to change software multiple times, Atlantic Vacation Homes was looking forward to finding a software platform they could stick with. At the 2003 VRMA Conference, Atlantic Vacation Homes met Escapia and quickly realized that the Escapia platform was one their company could use permanently. Escapia was also able to provide Atlantic Vacation Homes with a smooth transition from their previous software so their business wouldn't suffer or fall behind.

Atlantic Vacation Homes

The Result

With Escapia, Atlantic Vacation Homes was able to implement their new business systems quickly with ease. It was easy for the employees to learn to use the system, whether on their own or with Escapia's trainers. They felt everything was very straight-forward to easy to learn.

The daily processes that previously bogged Atlantic Vacation Homes down are now completed with efficiency. Office work is done much more quickly, and all aspects of the business such as accounting, reservations and website can be managed from one central point. With less time spent on these daily processes, Atlantic Vacation Homes can concentrate on managing the properties they have and working on obtaining more properties.

Atlantic Vacation Homes' homeowners are also very happy with how their properties are being marketing and promoted via the Escapia web portal site for Atlantic Vacation Homes. If something is inaccurate on the site, Atlantic Vacation Homes can change or update the site immediately on their own, without having to go through a third party web consultant. Owner requests and updates to the website can be done immediately. The information on the properties is easy to find on the website and guests are able to easily search the site and make online bookings.

Atlantic Vacation Homes holds themselves to the highest standards, and their homeowners and guests expect it. From professional correspondence, easy online bookings, and streamlined processes, to an efficient staff, Escapia helps Atlantic Vacation Homes maintain this level of excellence.

Atlantic Vacation Homes and Escapia - a true success story!

Key Benefits

  • Smooth transition to new software from old package, didn't miss a step
  • Uploading images for new properties is quick and easy
  • More professional website, easy for potential guests to use and make own bookings
  • CRM system helps manage customers better, no more multiple entries for the same person
  • Since website and back end system is fully integrated, double bookings are a thing of the past

"Our owners and guest like to know they are affiliated with a prestigious company, Escapia helps us maintain that level of prestige and professionalism. From the minute the guest books until they arrive they know they are in good, professional hands. Escapia's web-based system also helps us operate 24/7, if someone calls - we are available at anytime."
- Carole Sharoff, Atlantic Vacation Homes

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Carole Sharoff,

Atlantic Vacation Homes

"Before Escapia, we were using multiple systems to run our business. There was so much room for errors. With Escapia, everything is in the same system and fully integrated - everything is in ONE place!"

About Atlantic Vacation Homes


  • Reduce double entry work
  • Streamline accounting systems
  • Manage more properties


  • Choose one fully integrated system
  • Provide smooth transition to new system
  • Upgrade to Escapia


  • Implement their new business systems quickly
  • The daily processes are now completed with efficiency
  • Homeowners are happy

Key Benefits

  • Smooth transition to new software
  • Uploading images for new properties is quick and easy
  • More professional website
  • CRM system helps manage customers better
  • Double bookings are a thing of the past