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Integrated Website and Business Solutions with ISILink®

ISILink is the Global Distribution Center for V12.NET®, PropertyPlus®, FRS, or Entech that organizes and sends data to and from your software solution to the Internet for real time reservations, integrated business services and online owner access.


WebLink turns your website into a powerful integrated booking engine and works in conjunction with your current website. With WebLink, you can take online bookings, reservation requests, offer travel insurance, take online payments and email notifications to your guests. WebLink is in constant communication with your software solution, so your data is maintained in one place and automatically updates your website.

WebLink Plus

WebLink Plus lets you control and customize the way your data is displayed on your website. You can seamlessly integrate your choice of search and data fields into your website utilizing the WebLink Plus API. You get all the benefits and power of WebLink with advanced web services and .NET technology for your online booking.


OwnerLink lets you create secure access to your website for your owners. Through the password protected area, owners’ can view real time reservation calendars and summaries, monthly statements, reservation statistics and access documents you post such as newsletters. Owners are also able to process their own reservations and easily change their passwords. OwnerLink increases your level of service while decreasing phone calls and owner inquiries to your staff.


TravelLink allows you to automate your relationship with travel agents. Travel agents can log in to your website, search for properties, reserve, pay by credit card and receive a confirmation of their booking. All the reservation and travel agent information is automated and tracked in your software solution.

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