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Book reservations faster with the most intuitive and powerful reservation calendar in the industry.

Currently available for FREE for V12.NET® customers

With the new RezGrid, we bundled all the best features into one reservation calendar, so reservation agents can book reservations faster and front desk personnel have all the information they need at their fingertips!

"We’ve found RezGrid to be fast, intuitive, and very helpful to our Vacation Specialists. The amount of information at your fingertips is impressive. Being able to quote on-screen makes it easy to confirm pricing, fill in gaps between reservations, and search through available properties. Tony & the RezGrid Development Team have created a powerful tool that is maximizing our booking potential." 
- Kate Weathers, Newman-Dailey Resort Properties

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RezGrid Benefits:

  • Quickly provide staff with reservation information on a highly intuitive calendar without needing to access the reservation directly
  • Fewer clicks to view available units, provide quotes, adjust the rate, and create reservations
  • Easily view relevant reservation information by customizing calendar display information
  • Save time checking guests in or out
  • Efficiently view unit information, unit future availability, unit location information, and unit notes to assist agents with making reservations
  • Find the right unit for your guest quickly with the powerful date, amenity, and unit name filtering capabilities

RezGrid Features:

  • Create regular reservations, owner stays, owner guest stays, and more all from one central location
  • View entire inventory and availability without entering dates
  • Navigate quickly to any day in the past or future
  • One click to quote rates and view total reservation costs
  • Quote reservation costs directly from the calendar, for one unit or a group of units
  • Hover over quotes, reservations, and units on the calendar to quickly learn more without accessing the reservation
  • Apply rate adjustments, coupon codes, or discounts directly on the calendar or when creating reservations
  • View monthly availability calendars for units
  • Google Map integration for unit location
  • View unit owner information
  • Highly customizable display, including the ability to customize individual elements of the calendar for your specific business needs
  • Ability to quickly locate a unit by available amenities, name, or unit number
  • Choose to display guest names, reservation ID’s, reservation cost, and much more, directly on the calendar
  • Adjust the amenity filter information to show more or less amenities when searching for available units
  • Easily maximize the number of days or units shown on the calendar by quickly collapsing and hiding tools and filtering options
  • Specify how units are sorted on the calendar, including the ability to show the least booked units at the top of the list
  • Choose whether to include refundable deposits in price quotes
  • Customize displays by user group, including icons and colors to indicate payment status
  • Meaningful icons allow you to quickly understand housekeeping status, reservation type, payment status, marketing source and much more
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