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Glad to Have You Portal

The Portal is where you administer and customize your application. It is robust, intuitive, and easy to use.

Reservations and Invitations

Reservation data is a crucial part of the Glad to Have Yousystem. Reservations generate invitations to the application. Guests using your application have better vacations, higher guest satisfaction, and become return guests. It’s that simple.

Glad to Have You can accept manual entry of reservations, bulk upload via Microsoft Excel, and integration with most reservation software systems. So whether you have a dozen units or a few thousand – you won’t need to worry whether your guests are receiving the important information they need.

Our invitations are customizable, emailed out on a scheduled basis, contain direct links to download the application, and simple instructions.

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Guest Folios

Each of one your guests receive a unique Guest Folio where a wealth of information about them can be stored. Anything they view on the mobile app or guest login can be viewed in their guest folio, as well as past reservation data and internal notes. You can also flag certain guests as VIP’s.



Analytics and Stats

No complicated reporting is needed. We ask all the hard questions and give you concise results. Want to know your download rate? Interested in what recommended restaurant is most popular? What activity gets shared with friends most often? What features do your guests use most often? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

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Your Rental Units

Why not let the guest plan their next vacation while on this one? We provide maps to the units, driving directions, amenities, and even complete photo galleries, directly from the device. Who knows – maybe they’ll want to upgrade next year!



Photo Gallery

This is some fun stuff. Not only can you ride your bike to the unit with the maps, you can peer right in with the complete photo gallery. What’s even cooler is that we can automatically import rental photos from the majority of property management systems.

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Notify Guests

The ability to instantly notify all or any sub-group of your guests is almost priceless. Whether you want to notify guests about a special event or discount, a reminder about check-out, or an emergency alert – Glad to Have You makes it simple with just a few clicks. In addition to push notifications delivered to the guest’s mobile device, you can choose to send an email as well.



Scheduled Notifications & Reminders

What’s super cool and a huge time saver is the ability to create scheduled notifications. This is a one-time set up that continues to send automated messages until you turn it off. Messages can be scheduled for any time: pre-stay; during stay; and post-stay. It is a great way to stay connected with your guests, without lifting a finger.

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Knowledge base and Support

If you ever need guidance or some tips, our knowledge base of articles is there to help, and our support staff is just a click or call away. We also encourage your suggestions for improvements. We get some of our best ideas from our great customers.



Local Recommendations

Every vacationer wants the ability to “live like a local” – from where to shop, where to dine, and where to find that secret spot. Glad to Have You makes it super easy to give your guests this ability. The Portal allows you to select from auto-populated restaurant, activity, and event recommendations, and then customize each recommendation with your local knowledge. You can also add custom recommendations – complete with geo-locations on a map that could never be found in a database – such as: best picnic spots; best sunset views; or best walking trails.

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Customizable Content

Custom content is at the heart of the Glad to Have You platform. You can put as much, or as little, information in the application as you want. Each piece of content can be associated with properties, sub-groups of properties, or just a single property. This is what gives the application the ability to deliver to each guest only the information that guest needs.

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