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How guests receive the vacation rental app

Your guests will receive an email with three options to choose. First option your guests will have is to access your custom guest vacation rental app available for download on the App Store and Android Market. If a user does not have a smartphone they will have the option between using their computer’s browser or printing a nifty PDF. See the three options below.



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Email Example


This is your custom app


Customizable content

The content in the Glad to Have You mobile guest management app is entirely customizable from our vacation rental manager portal. You can add links, documents, images and even videos to make your content rich and immersive.

What’s really amazing is that you can choose which areas and units receive each piece of content. For example, if only Building A’s amenities include beach chairs and towels – then only guests of Building A’s will see that information.

If the checkout procedure for a specific unit requires the guest to run the dishwasher and turn off the pool heater – then only that specific unit is told to do so. It’s truly flexible and always up to date!

  • Custom categories and information
  • Unique information per guest
  • Everything they need to know about their stay
  • Easily configurable and updatable
  • Add whatever fits your model
  • Reduce support calls and questions

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Simple user interface

Your guests will be amazed at how easy it is to find what they are looking for. For example, our global search functionality allows your vacation guests to find all information on “fishing”. Whether that be custom content that says fishing poles are in the garage, or the best place to buy bait is Bill’s Bait Shop – you’ve got them covered.

The vacation rental manager’s portal allows you to feature information so that it’s immediately seen while using the application. Take a piece of content and simply mark it as Featured and your guests will see it every time they use the application.

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