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Just follow these easy steps to activate and configure gladLINKS™ for your company. 

First, tell us about yourself.


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Second, select each gladLINKS™ form you want activated and provide email address(s) for each.

Guest submissions from each gladLINKS™ form will be delivered via email to the address(s) you provide.  You can provide multiple emails separated by commas, but we strongly recommend that you create a single generic email address for each Glad Links form (e.g. so you can decide which employees should be included in each.  If your company has multiple areas, you can separate the Glad Links recipients by area if desired. Just email the areas and email addresses to

Glad Links include four different forms:

  • Fix It Form allows guests to submit maintenance issues through the app, complete with photos and response options.
  • Quick Guest Request - allows guests to submit a variety of guest requests.
  • Mobile Checkout - allows guests to tell you the moment they step out of the unit to give your cleaning team the upper hand preparing the property for the next guest.
  • Anonymous Guest Capture allows you to obtain Anonymous Users' contact information and preferences.
Select which gladLINKS™ forms you would like to use:

Use a comma to seperate multiple email addresses.

This is where your Maintenance Requests will be delivered
This is where your Rapid Guest Requests will be delivered
Who is the first person who needs to know when a guest has left?

Third, we will configure the gladLINKS™ based on your submissions.

An implementation specialist will then contact you to explain how gladLINKS™ works and activate your account.  If you have questions, contact us at

You can deactivate gladLINKS™ at any time on 30 days notice by simply sending an email to  By clicking the submit button below, you are authorizing Glad to Have You to charge your company’s credit card on file monthly for the cost of Glad Links beginning on the first of the month, and verifying that you have the authority to bind your company to these terms.

Thanks for your continued business!   

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