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Guests easily communicate with you and you efficiently organize your staff

Use gladLINKS* for maintenance requests, guest requests, mobile checkout, and capturing contact information about anonymous users who download your app. 

Guests can easily communicate with your staff and your staff can get a jump start on cleans on turn days when guests complete the mobile checkout form.  Have an idea for another gladLINK form?  Just let us know!

*Requires use with Glad to Have You™

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Quick Guest Request and Fix It Form

The Quick Guest Request and Fix It Form are both designed to let your guests convey their needs instantly. These gladLINKS simplify the way guests communicate with you, and make it easier and more efficient for you to track and manage their issues.

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Mobile Checkout Form

The Mobile Checkout form helps cleaning crews get a jump start on cleans by identifying when a guest has left the unit. The Mobile Checkout form can also help identify last minute issues in units on turn days to make sure your next guest has a great experience. Send automated push notifications to your guests the night before with a reminder and simply watch the checkouts as they occur the next morning.

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Anonymous Guest Capture Form

The Anonymous Guest Capture form prompts anyone who downloads the app outside of an invite to enter their contact information. Now you can start generating new leads and building your email database right through your app.

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How does gladLINKS work?



Step 1-
Guest Submits Request

Step 2-
Info arrives instantly via email

Step 3-
Info auto-populates into spreadsheet

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