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Local Recommendations

Let your guests be in the know on all the cool places to eat, great things to do and where to go.

Give them the inside scoop using this simple content management interface that makes providing the information as easy as point and click!

  • Share with your guests the places you like to go yourself! Include the area’s best restaurants, the cool local spots that no one knows about, the fun things to do, etc. Help your guests experience the area like a local and they will love you for it!
  • You can include all types of media with your local recommendations. Add pictures, videos, external links, an easy to use mapping function, click-to-call options, and more. Your guests will never have to look anywhere other than your app to find everything they need.
  • The Glad to Have You system integrates with Google Places to provide an easy way to create a comprehensive list of restaurants and points of interest effortlessly. You can also pull videos straight from YouTube and photos straight from a Flickr account, making the process of adding rich content to your application a breeze!
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