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Guest Reviews

Wouldn’t you like to get highly personalized reviews from your guests?

With Glad to Have You™, you can automatically send scheduled push notifications to your guests requesting feedback on their stay. Guests can even upload their favorite image from their trip!  All of your reviews are neatly organized within your system database for your review and response. Use the free Digital Guestbook widget to share these reviews all over your website.

  • Enhanced Reviews – Guests can add their favorite photo from their trip right into their Guestbook review! It adds a new visual element to reviews for prospective customers to enjoy.
  • “Pending” Reviews – After a review is submitted, you have a couple of days to add in a manager response. You can also contact the guest and ask if they will adjust their review if an issue mentioned has already been resolved.
  • Website Widget – We provide you with a free website widget so you can display your happy customer reviews all over your site! Great customer reviews help reduce prospective customer’s apprehension and also increase online bookings.
  • Scheduled Notifications – Schedule a reminder to go out to all guests reminding them to enter a review in the Digital Guestbook. Send the notification out while your guests are still in town and fix any problems guests are having before they leave… so they leave happy!
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