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Custom Guest Content

Everything a guest needs to know about their vacation is right in their hands with Glad to Have You.

All of the information provided is specific to each guest, providing a highly personalized experience that is personalized and accessible, all the time, every time.

  • Real-Time Reservation Information – Give your guests check-in information, door access codes, helpful tips on what to bring, and more… right at the touch of a button!
  • Community Information – Include important information about the neighborhood/community your guests are staying in – what time the shuttle leaves, access codes, what time breakfast starts in the morning, helpful phone numbers, etc.
  • Reduce Support Calls – By giving your guests important information about essential points of the vacation, they will be better informed and less likely to tie up your phone lines. Keep your phones open for new bookings.
  • All of this information is available to your guests in three different formats:
    Dynamic PDF
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