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A Custom Mobile Experience

Each mobile application from Glad to Have You™ is made specifically for your business.

You can choose your color scheme, set your menu layout, and we also create a custom splash screen and app icon for you using your logo. It is truly a reflection of your business in every way. Your guests will hold your brand in their hands before, during, and even after their stay.

  • Custom Design and Layout – You pick your theme and we create a custom splash screen and app icon that reflects your business.
  • Property Information – All rental unit information seamlessly populates into the Glad to Have You system from your property management system. Besides the standard info, Glad to Have You allows you to display information that a property management system might not have space for… helpful videos, Wi-Fi passwords… anything really!
  • Restaurants – Use Google Places to pull the best area restaurants right into your mobile application with ease. Your guests can find what’s closest to them, map turn by turn directions, and view photos and videos.
  • Directories – Provide your guests with a comprehensive list of important area service stores… grocery stores, medical services, etc.
  • Events – Glad to Have You has a handy Eventful integration that allows you to list the area’s biggest events on your application with a click of the button
  • Media: Photos, Videos, etc. – The Glad to Have You system allows you to upload photos directly from a Flickr account and videos from anywhere on YouTube. Providing rich, informative media to your guests has never been so easy!

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