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Real-Time Communication

Reach out to your guests and communicate with them about their stay.

Market your services to guests using the power of push notifications and email. Let them know what you have to offer before they arrive, while they are there, and after they depart in a highly personalized communication they will want to read.

  • Communicate with your guests using real-time push notifications before, during, and after their stay.
  • Quickly and easily notify your guests about specials, deals, concerts, events, weather warnings, and changing community information.
  • Schedule notifications and simplify guest communication. Once you create a scheduled notification in the system, it can easily be turned on and off.
  • Prompt your guests to enter a review in the Guestbook with a push notification while they are still on vacation. Increase the number of reviews you collect and catch any guest issues while guests are in town. Guests will leave happier and more satisfied.
  • View which guests have opened the push notifications you have sent. If it is something urgent, you can see which guests you still need to get in touch with directly.
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