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Guest Analytics

Want to know what interests your guests have?

Glad to Have You allows you to see what restaurants, activities, and events your guests are looking for with your app, giving you insights to what interests them in addition to magnificent accommodations. Use this information to send special offers to guests for some easy brownie points, or construct some clever targeted marketing campaign to bring guests back again and again.

  • Detailed Analytics – Capture detailed information about ALL of your guests! The Glad to Have You platform captures analytics on everyone who logs into the system.
  • Guest Folios – All analytics are stored in an easily manageable guest folio that can be referenced anytime.
  • Targeted Remarketing – Search your database for guests who enjoy a fine glass of wine and let them know when the big wine festival comes to town! All guest contact information is easily exportable.
  • Special Offers – Once you know what your guests are looking for, you can send special offers via push notifications.
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