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Partner Case Study: Booe Realty

Booe Realty Increases Owner and Guest Confidence with HomeAway Software® Partner, CSA Travel Protection

Founded in 1971, Booe Realty offers 500+ full-service annual vacation rental properties in Myrtle Beach and along the Grand Strand, a large stretch of beaches on the East coast of South Carolina. Located in an area prone to hurricanes, Booe needed an advanced travel insurance solution seamlessly built into its business processes to minimize revenue loss.

With the implementation of CSA travel protection, which integrates with their HomeAway software, Booe Realty significantly reduced negative impacts to its business and increased customer satisfaction and retention. After major disasters on the US east coast and developments in the travel industry, owner and guest demand for travel insurance has increased in the past decade. 20% of Booe's potential new homeowners ask if trip cancellation coverage is an offered service, compared to a very small percentage several years ago. This increased demand for travel insurance, along with CSA's convenient and feature-rich option has made Booe Realty stand out from the competition.

Anticipating unexpected events

Before offering CSA travel insurance, Booe Realty did not have a process for guests to recoup monies from reservations cancelled or interrupted due to unexpected events, such as mandatory hurricane evacuation or health emergencies. In these scenarios, guests were understandably upset because of cancelled vacation plans, and felt they should be offered more guest protection and support. Booe's homeowners were also frustrated because of lost revenue from guest refunds, which were related to events such as mandatory evacuations.

Leveraging CSA to protect business and guests

After several months of research, Booe Realty chose CSA as their provider, implemented CSA into their business processes, and developed a program for guests and homeowners. Setup and configuration of CSA was simple via Booe's PropertyPlus® software system. During the booking process, guests were automatically opted in to insurance, which was included in the guest deposit. If guests opted out during the booking process, the Booe team made a point to educate guests about the benefits of insurance, and sent helpful insurance information along with the rental agreement.

Building owner and guest confidence

The implementation of travel insurance through CSA offered guests and homeowners a great deal of peace of mind, reduced negative impacts to Booe Realty's business, and increased guest retention. Guests could be reimbursed for a wide variety of occurrences covered by insurance, and there was no income loss for owners. During major disasters such as the Gulf Oil Spill and Hurricane Sandy, Booe Realty was able to salvage 70-75 total reservations with guests requesting alternate plans, thus saving many family vacations. This process was facilitated by CSA's trip cancellation coverage, which enables guests to travel to alternative locations.

Booe Realty found that guests also loved the additional service and features from CSA, like the "Guest can call a doctor" feature, which provides on-demand medical assistance for in-transit emergencies. Additionally, if guests had questions about CSA that Booe Realty was unable to assist with, Booe could send them directly to CSA's support team.

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Case Studies

Karen Hawkins,

Gen. Manager, Booe Realty

"The single best thing with CSA is the feeling that they are a wing of my company. I feel that CSA is part of my family. If I need anything, they are there to immediately assist to make our guests and homeowners happy, which means a lot when it comes to homeowner retention and repeat guests."

About Booe Realty


  • Enable guests to recoup money for unforeseen losses
  • Minimize homeowner revenue losses
  • Build guest confidence


  • Develop and implement travel protection program integrated with PropertyPlus
  • Add travel insurance to booking process
  • Automatically opt in guests with follow-up support and education


  • Negative business impacts reduced
  • Income loss for homeowners decreased
  • Guest retention increased