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Partner Case Study: Beachfront Only

Beachfront Only Vacation Rentals Increases Efficiency and Delights Guests with Glad to Have You™ Guest Management System

Founded in 1988, Beachfront Only offers 50+ full-service vacation rental properties on the beach in North County San Diego. Priding themselves on customer service, they are constantly upgrading their homes and innovating their business with the vacation renter in mind. Beachfront was searching for a way to streamline the guest experience, such as communicating reservation details, property information, and real-time updates in an efficient way.   

With the implementation of the Glad to Have You guest management system and mobile app in 2012, integrated with Escapia, Beachfront streamlined their guest process from booking to checkout, increased operational efficiency, and delighted guests. They eliminated 5 hours of manual work on average per week, which enabled more time for sales. Glad to have You was gradually adopted by 100% of guests.

Increasing operational efficiency

Beachfront was frustrated with the manual work required to manage various aspects of the guest process, and wanted to better streamline the guest experience. Each guest reservation confirmation required the manual creation of a guest code and information letter. The team had to ensure a guest was both paid in full and that the code had been created before sending the information letter; therefore a bulk email for multiple reservations was not possible. Beachfront also found it difficult to keep their welcome books up-to-date in each rental with current rental information, such as ever-changing wi-fi codes. Additionally, Beachfront wanted a more concise way to contact current guests with new pertinent information, or capture other guests' info that were staying at the properties. Finally, Beachfront wanted to create an easy way for their guests to access a variety of information at their fingertips.

GTHY: an automated guest management tool

In September of 2012, Beachfront adopted the Glad to Have You content management system and mobile app. Because Glad to have You easily integrated with their Escapia® software, setup and implementation was simple and straightforward. Using the Glad to Have You features, Beachfront built out a variety of custom content into the app, including all property information, welcome guides, and tourist information.

The marketing features of the Glad to Have You app also enabled Beachfront to gather several guests' contact info, rather than the guest tied to the reservation, which helped in guest retention efforts.

Streamlining the guest experience

The implementation of Glad to Have You led to a significant increase in time savings for Beachfront's staff, effectively eliminating 5 hours of manual work on average per week. Because Glad to have You enabled a fast and efficient way to generate codes, get information to the guests, and keep all unit information on units up to date, this time savings allowed for more sales. The operations team experienced less guest calls during their stays, and if they did get calls, it became much easier for them to point guests to the correct information, all of which was accessible via the Glad to Have You app. When guests realized they could download an app that had all the information they needed for their stay, they were delighted. Today, 75% of Beachfront's guests download the Glad to Have You mobile app, with almost 100% using the Glad to Have You desktop portal or pdf packet.

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Case Studies

Jennifer Snipe

Jennifer Sipe,

Marketing Director, Beachfront Only

"I was impressed with the GTHY team and the ease of setup and implementation. GTHY is so easy to use, it's flexible, and everything is real-time. If I have an idea or suggestion, the software can either most likely already do it, or the GTHY team will make it happen."

About Beachfront Only


  • Streamline guest experience
  • Simplify and automate guest communications
  • Give guests access to real-time info at their fingertips


  • Adopt content management system integrated with Escapia
  • Build custom content
  • Leverage app for marketing purposes


  • Guest and unit management centralized
  • 5 hrs of manual work per week eliminated
  • High guest adoption and satisfaction