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4 Key Takeaways from VRMA 2014

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  1. Kudos to VRMA for having put together the most widely attended Vacation Rental trade show ever. VRMA kicked off the show with John DiJulius, who energized the crowd with simple yet powerful tips that can help property managers add personal touches to each vacation experience. One such tip was to create memorable guest experiences by using your software to capture data about guests who come stay with you. And to know something special about your guest’s Family, Occupation, Recreation interest, and Dream (FORD), will allow you to add your personal touch to create strong memories and experiences that people remember for years to come. In other words, use technology to track and capture information so you can build better customer relationships by delivering the perfect vacation experience. For more information on this inspiring topic, you can purchase his book on Amazon: The Customer Service Revolution: Overthrow Conventional Business, Inspire Employees, and Change the World.
  2. Brian Sharples (HomeAway CEO) gave an exciting keynote about the growing opportunity in vacation rentals, and his perspective on the future:
    • The growing need to deliver instant gratification through enabling BOOK NOW buttons on all listings within 24 months. This BOOK NOW button will be enabled on all listings at no additional charge for HomeAway PPS (Pay Per Subscription) and PPB (Pay Per Booking) listing options.
    • The growing trend in using smart phones to help PMs serve as Virtual Concierges to plan activities, dinners, communicate via automatic notifications, and more. Property managers who use these Mobile services have reported higher customer delight and increased productivity. You can learn more about these products here:
    • As vacationers increasingly book vacation homes through sites like Expedia, it is become increasingly important for professional property managers to advertise their properties on the popular sites where travelers book their vacations. Partnering with companies who let you list on many websites with a click of a button to place your inventory in front of more eyeballs is increasingly easy and important to maximize bookings.
  3. VRMA annual is also an event we look forward to because it gives us, the HomeAway team, an opportunity to meet and reconnect with hundreds of clients and partners with whom we have deep, long lasting and often personal relationships. To those of you who stopped by our booth, thank you for connecting with us at the conference. We always enjoy meeting with our clients and future clients to understand how we can serve you better. We heard loud and clear that better training and services to help you optimize the use of our products must be a priority, and that you very much would like us to create an online User Forum for our clients to meet online and share ideas.
  4. Finally, congratulations to the newly elected VRMA Board Members, including Matt Golis of Vacation Rent Payment, who is VRMA’s newest Supplier Board Member. We at HomeAway are committed to supporting the VRMA and its members, and look forward to working with the VRMA toward a bright and successful future.

Looking forward to next year!
- Stephan de Bernede

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