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New Escapia Customer Bennington Properties

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HomeAway Software is pleased to welcome Bennington Properties to our family of vacation rental managers using the Escapia software platform! We recently spoke with the CEO of Bennington Properties, Robert Bennington, about his company, his decision to move forward with Escapia, and what he’s most excited about for the future.

What makes your company special?

We are a multi-generational family-owned vacation rental management company with over 150 vacation rentals under our management in Sunriver, Oregon. We have built our brand and reputation around what we call "Family Loving Vacation Rentals." In other words, we focus on providing amenities that appeal to families of all shapes and sizes.

Because of the success of our business, we are very fortunate to have the resources to support several charitable organizations. As such, we are able to spend much of our time and energy focusing on philanthropic organizations that support children, families, and animals.

Finally, while our vacation rentals are pet-friendly, Bennington Properties and the Sunriver community loves dogs. So dogs of every size and breed are welcome in our dog-loving rentals.

Why did you choose to go with Escapia?

We were longtime faithful users of PropertyPlus, which served us well for many years. But we realized that the world is now on the Internet enabled by web-based software so we made the decision to transition to a state-of-the-art web-based platform. After looking at many different vacation rental software platforms, we chose Escapia for its completeness of functionality, user-friendly interface, and the ability to manage our rates dynamically. And we felt that staying within the HomeAway Software family of products was the best decision for Bennington Properties, especially given HomeAway’s exciting plans for the future.

What makes you excited about the future now that you’ve implemented Escapia?

We are very excited about Escapia's dynamic pricing. Looking at how the hospitality market is changing and how those changes are affecting consumer choices, being able to price our properties based on changing market demand will help us maximize our revenues. Our market is getting increasingly competitive, and maximizing every dollar earned per rental will ultimately be the difference between those companies that survive and those that don't. We believe implementing the features available to us through Escapia will help us to be one of the few that survive.

-John Suzuki, Vice President of Sales, HomeAway Software

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