Training and Support

In addition to the informative sessions and networking opportunities provided by Rezfest, you will also have access to unique training and support opportunities with the top-rated support staff at HomeAway Software.

In-depth training sessions

Sessions take place on September 21

HomeAway Software offers in-depth sessions for more advanced users during the first day of Rezfest. Spots fill up quickly, so be sure to register early. Sign up for your preferred session during registration. Advanced registration is required.

In-depth sessions - $175/ session

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From $175

One on one support

Sessions take place on September 21

If you’re looking for help with a more extensive issue, or just want someone to work with you and your team exclusively, consider signing up for one on one support. 

Consultation includes 55 minutes with a support representative focused solely on you and your team. Come alone or bring as many as three team members. Sign up for one on one support during registration. Advanced registration is required.

One on one support - $150/ 55-minute session

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One on one

From $150

Support lab

25-minute on-site support September 22-23

Don’t need a full 55 minutes to get your question answered? Schedule a 25-minute appointment with a representative in the on-site Support Lab.

These shorter appointments are free of charge, but we do suggest getting on the schedule early to ensure availability. 

Look for the sign-up table next to the registration desk and outside the Support Lab.

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Support Lab

Included in event pricing



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