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HomeAway Software® Support Escalations

Customer Support Escalation Process

The HomeAway Software support team always works to apply the appropriate resources and level of focus to your request in order to establish a timely resolution. If you are not satisfied with the progress or resolution of your support issue, you can request an escalation as below.

CREATE a Support Case and Work with specialist
Not happy with results?
DESCALATE to Support Specialist
REVIEW by Support Leadership

If you have not CREATED a support case yet, please do so by selecting one of the products below.
If you skip a level of escalation, that will most likely result in slowing down our response and ability to address your concern.



Level 1 Escalation - Support Specialist

ESCALATE - Contact the assigned support specialist for the case.

If you wish to escalate a case, your first step is to directly contact the assigned support specialist for the case and explain your concerns.They are the individual with the most information on the issue and are motivated to use all of our resources to resolve your problem.

Level 2 Escalation - Support Leadership review

REVIEW - Case still not resolved? Further escalate with the below form.

If you have contacted your support specialist, as above, and the issue is still not resolved to your satisfaction, you can further escalate your issue for a high level of support leadership team review.

You can ask for this additional level of review of your support case by filling out the Level 2 Escalation Form below. You can also communicate your request directly to your support specialist if you prefer.

We will acknowledge your form submission immediately, so that you know we've received your escalation. Level 2 escalations do require some initial investigation by our team. A leadership team member will get back to you via email or phone within three business days to work with you on resolution.


Submit Level 2 Escalation